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StartupNation Radio: Carolyn Espinoza and Alex Vandervert of Quiker on Their Most Valuable Asset

On this week’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff speaks with Carolyn Espinoza and Alex Vandervert, the mother and son team of Quiker, a mobile mechanics operation that brings onsite automotive services to you.

During the interview, they discuss:

    • How the pandemic and burnout launched their business.
    • Their most valuable asset: People.
    • How the business is purpose driven.
    • Quiker’s growth trajectory and future plans.

Tune in to the StartupNation Radio show with Carolyn Espinoza and Alex Vandervert here:

For the full episode of StartupNation Radio with the Quiker team as well as Corey Gerhart and Greg Marquardt of Hydrocinch, tune in here:

We’ll be back soon with another exciting episode of StartupNation Radio! Stay tuned.

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