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StartupNation Radio: R.Riveter and Heiroom Founders Started Small

On today’s episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff Sloan interviews Cameron Cruse of R.Riveter and Chris Budnik of Heiroom about turning a kernel of an idea into a business.

Tune in to the full StartupNation Radio show with Cameron Cruse and Chris Budnik here:

R. Riveter cofounders Lisa Bradley, left, and Cameron Cruse.

First up is Cameron Cruse, a cofounder of R. Riveter, a handbag company that enlists military spouses as manufacturers.

During the interview, Cruse discusses:

  • How a quarter-life crisis prompted her to pivot her career plan.
  • How R. Riveter’s business structure supports the military community.
  • Why she and her partner chose handbags as their product.
  • The steps she and her partner took to make their idea a reality.

For more information about R. Riveter, visit the official website, and follow on Instagram and Facebook.

Next up, Jeff talks to Chris Budnik, creator of the Heiroom app, a way to connect with your family, create private vaults and take a trip down the memory lane.

During the segment, Budnik talks about:

  • How the pandemic sparked his idea for a private social media platform.
  • The investment pursuit.
  • His thoughts on scaling his business.

For more information, visit Heiroom’s website, and follow Chris on LinkedIn.

We’ll be back soon with another exciting episode of StartupNation Radio! Stay tuned.

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