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Sunscreen Mist goes Toe-to-Toe with the Sharks on Shark Tank

Potential moguls in the consumer convenience business, the brains behind Sunscreen Mist Josh Kaplan and Tony Fayne join Jeff and Norm on this edition of StartupNation Radio. Josh and Tony share with us their experience on ABC’s Shark Tank and how their business is doing today.

Nicole Mangis from Up Detroit invites all you entrepreneurs to Startup Weekend May 29-31 at Ford Resource and Engagement Center – Pitch an idea. Form a team. Launch a product. All in 54 hours.

Why should you attend Startup Weekend Detroit for Social Entrepreneurs?

  • You have an idea for a company, app or website that could be the next big thing.
  • You’re interested to see what it’s like to build a business idea from scratch.
  • You want to meet people and network in a new and unique way.
  • You want to meet designers, developers, marketers and other professional who just might be your next hire.
  • You like to build cool stuff.
  • You believe businesses can do good while doing business…

What does a ticket buy you?

  • Access to all three days of the event.
  • Seven meals and snacks/drinks throughout the course of the weekend.
  • Time with seasoned entrepreneurs, startup veterans and energetic community members
  • SWAG!

Get your tickets today at

Lastly we heard from Tom Sesti who provided an update from his own version of Shark Tank he hosted last week in Waterford, MI. Tom and Jeff talk about what great ideas are on the drawing board.

Learn about getting your business in front of the Venture Capitalists on this week’s edition of StartupNation Radio

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