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Super Bowl Means Super Business for Pizza Chains

Have you ever wanted to open your own restaurant? Perhaps you’re looking for something with less risk and wanted to become a franchisee?

There’s one food most of us just can’t get enough of. So much so, that February 9 has become National Pizza Day.

Nearly 1 in 8 Americans eat pizza on any given day. In just a few days, that number will rise by 35%. That’s because roughly 12.5 million pizzas will be sold on Super Bowl Sunday, according to the American Pizza Community organization.

If you’re hosting a party for the big game or looking for special deals for weeknight dinner, you might need a reminder on the biggest pizza chains around town.

Here are the five biggest pizza chains as measured by gross sales:

  1. Domino’s ($12.2 billion)
  2. Pizza Hut ($12 billion)
  3. Little Caesars ($4 billion)
  4. Papa John’s ($3.6 billion)
  5. California Pizza Kitchen ($840 million)

Detroit-style pizza has become a big hit nationwide over the past several years. In fact, two of the top three chains (Caesars and Domino’s) were founded and are headquartered in Michigan. Pizza Hut has even jumped on the bandwagon, as made famous by its “Detroit-style” Craig Robinson commercials.

And the National Football League (you may have heard about them) recently entered the fray by making Little Caesars the Official Pizza Sponsor of the NFL. So, if you’re craving a $5 Hot N Ready, you might have a little competition come Super Bowl Sunday.

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