StartupNation Radio: Take Control and Start it Up in 2021

On this episode of StartupNation Radio, Jeff features three entrepreneurs who took control of their lives by starting businesses of their own. In sharing their stories, these entrepreneurs offer up the key moves they made that ultimately led to their great success.

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First up is Heini Zachariassen, founder and CEO of the world’s most popular wine app, Vivino. With 46 million global users, Vivino is the world’s largest wine community and the ultimate destination for discovering and purchasing wines.

Heini Zachariassen
(Heini Zachariassen)

During the interview, Zachariassen shares:

  • How and why he started Vivino
  • How he took a great idea and turned it into a great business
  • The power of word-of-mouth marketing
  • The importance of teamwork
  • The documentary, “Disrupting Wine,” about his entrepreneurial journey

To learn more, visit Vivino’s official website and check out Zachariassen’s YouTube series, “Raw Startup.”

Next, Jeff interviews Jamie Giovinazzo, president and founder of Eat Clean Bro, a healthy and convenient prepared meal delivery service.

After he spent years cooking healthy meals for his friends, and made several attempts at getting his business up and running, Giovinazzo started Eat Clean Bro in 2013. Today, Eat Clean Bro has made $17 million in sales.

Jamie Giovinazzo
(Jamie Giovinazzo)

During the show, Giovinazzo discusses:

  • Why he started Eat Clean Bro out of a “moral obligation”
  • The importance of having a positive outlook
  • How his company gives back to the community
  • Why entrepreneurship works

For more information, visit the Eat Clean Bro official website, and check out Giovinazzo’s articles on StartupNation to learn what he says is the key to success in entrepreneurship, along with the importance of being self-reliant as an entrepreneur.

Lastly, Jeff chats with Eric Nalbone, head of marketing at Drum Technologies, a platform that allows businesses to promote offers, while customers of those businesses share offers in exchange for compensation or a reward.

Eric Nalbone
(Eric Nalbone)

During the show, Nalbone shares:

  • The importance of prioritizing customers and community over profit at launch
  • Examples of how customers are using the Drum platform
  • How Drum utilizes influencer marketing
  • What’s next for Drum

For more information, visit the official website, or download the app, available for iOs and Android.

“Now the idea here is, it’s time for you to stop dreaming and start doing. This is your moment. Take what you’ve learned today and start it up!”

– Jeff Sloan

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