Solving Big Problems with Big Solutions: Radio Interview

Jeff and Rich Sloan are back together again on this edition of StartupNation Radio, and this show is all about solving big problems with big solutions.

Typically, StartupNation radio highlights local entrepreneurs looking to launch their businesses, but today, the Sloan brothers talk about solving problems on a global level. You’ll be surprised to learn that these principles, processes and resources are applicable and available to the small business entrepreneur, as well.

The guests on today’s show have taken their ideas and incubated them through the university environment. Dr. Jed Johnson is co-founder of Nanofiber Solutions, Inc., a regenerative medicine company developing a new class of implants with unrivaled performance for the $20 billion soft tissue/organ repair/regeneration market. Hear how his solution saved the life of a 3-year old Frisian mare named Jantine. To be really touched by this story, watch the video below after listening to the show.

Later in the show, Anthony Boerma joins Jeff and Rich from the Netherlands to give an update on how Jantine is doing today.

This was truly a big problem with a big solution!


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