Young Companies WEYV and Your Stylist, LLC Stand Out in Startup World [Radio]

On this edition of StartupNation Radio, your host, Jeff Sloan, chats with Stephanie Scapa, CEO of WEYV, Inc. and Jackie Neville, CEO of Your Stylist, LLC.

Stephanie is at the helm of the launch of WEYV, a platform that allows users to listen to music, read magazines and (soon) watch visual content all in one app experience. Not only is she leading efforts surrounding the development of the app, but she is at the forefront of establishing deals with major record labels and publishing companies to offer their content to consumers via WEYV.

She also serves as Vice President of Corporate Development for Software Technologies at Altair, where Stephanie helps the company grow its Altair Partner Alliance (APA) program. Additionally, Stephanie recently created Tech Treehouse, a Metro Detroit-based non-profit organization focused on providing after school STEAM activities to children in need. She holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan.

WEYV in action

Later in the show, Stephanie jumps into the co-host seat and joins Jeff in interviewing Jackie Neville, personal stylist, wardrobe consultant and personal shopper at the forefront of Your Stylist, LLC. Beginning her retail management career at the age of 16, Jackie spent over 20 years building her business acumen and decided to leave it all behind and launch Your Stylist, LLC in January 2016.

Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jackie has had an incredibly successful second full year growing her business, going through the business incubator Aviatra Accelerators, securing two university partnerships with Ashland University and University of Cincinnati through which she employs interns, hired additional freelance assistants, locked down her own studio space and quadrupled her revenue over last year.

Your Stylist LLC
Jackie of Your Stylist LLC

Learn more about WEYV, Inc.

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Learn more about Your Stylist, LLC

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