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What every Startup Needs to know about Creating a Website and Marketing

So you just opened your business on Main Street, now it’s time to open up on Cyber Street.  Alexandra Jona from and Blake George from will walk you through everything you need to know to get your site built and how to get eyes on page.

Blake George, Alexandra Jona, and Jeff Sloan
Blake George, Alexandra Jona, and Jeff Sloan

This week’s show goes over the absolute must haves when marketing your business’s website and social media campaign.  Don’t even think about trying it without Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and twitter.  Be sure to weigh the pro’s and con’s of using a service such as when designing your website.  Does it make sense to do it yourself with your own server or hire a professional?

Hear the answers to these questions plus more tips and advice from Alex and Blake. Learn how to start building your website and getting it to market on this week’s StartUpNation Radio.

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