WJR Business Beat: Mike Morse Backpack Donation Program (Episode 455)

On this Business Beat, Jeff talks with Mike Morse of the Mike Morse Law Firm about his company’s backpack giveaway to level the playing field for Detroit kids.

Tune in below for details:


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Jeff: Good morning, Paul! This morning on the Business Beat, we’ve gotten Mike Morse of the Mike Morse Law Firm announcing a great service he and his team provide to those in need in our community. Mike, tell us about the program.

Mike: So for nine years, the Mike Morse Law Firm and the Mike Morse Law Firm Foundation have been giving away backpacks to Detroit kids, stuffed backpacks full of supplies. We’ve given out over 250,000 of them. Every year, it’s between 25 and 30,000. And this year we are not stopping. Backpacks are being delivered directly to Detroit kids, K-5 to their classrooms. But all other kids who don’t get a backpack can come to my parking lot this Saturday from 11 to 1 to pick up their backpacks.

Jeff: Mike, helping kids in any way makes for a noble cause. How and why for you, personally, did this become a focus for you?

Mike: I’m all about fairness and I wanted to level the playing field for the kids who didn’t have backpacks. So we decided to give every kid a backpack, whether they needed one or not. And I’m getting amazing feedback from the teachers and the principals and the parents telling me that, you know, they had tough choices to make at the beginning of the school year, whether it be uniforms, whether it be food, whether it be supplies and we just wanted to take one of those burdens off of them.

Jeff: Great program, Mike. How can people learn more?

Mike: If you know of somebody who needs a backpack full of supplies, go to my website 855mikewins.com. Forward it to somebody in need. They can preregister and cut the lines this Saturday, August 13th, 11 to 1. Spread the word because we want to help as many kids as we can.

Jeff: Thank you, Mike Morse. Again, for those in need, go to 855mikewins.com to learn more. I’m Jeff Sloan, founder and CEO of startupnation.com, and that’s today’s Business Beat on the Great Voice of the Great Lakes, WJR.

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