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WJR Business Beat with Jeff Sloan: Every Small Business Needs a Website (Episode 296)

On today’s Business Beat, Jeff discusses new data that shows nearly one-third of U.S. businesses don’t have a website. Nearly one-third!

Tune in to the Business Beat, below, to learn more about why every small business needs a website:

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Good morning, Paul!

Well, amazingly, there’s a question kicking around the small business sector that I just can’t even believe exists. That question: Do I really need to have a website for my small business? What? Really? Really, before I get into my opinion on this, Paul, let’s take a look at some key highlights from a recent survey done by topdesignfirms.com.

It makes clear that while most small businesses understand the importance of an online presence, new data shows that 28% of small businesses in the U.S. still don’t have a website. That’s nearly one-third of all small businesses, and that’s just unacceptable. We live in a digital age now, don’t we? And aren’t we all too familiar now with how the pandemic has directed even more of the action online and, in some cases, even made online the primary or even the only place some small businesses do businesses today.

Look, you must have a website and you need it now. Why? The most simplistic reasons are to help someone find your location or know how to contact you or to explore exactly what it is that you do and what you sell. But much more than that. A website allows you to consolidate all information about you and your company on one centralized platform that you control. It’s your home base. It allows you to establish credibility and authority, and it provides an opportunity for you to be found through search engines.

Of course, going beyond that if you can sell what your offer online, it allows you to sell directly in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner to attract, to engage in a closed sales with customers right online. To achieve the objective your website doesn’t need to be fancy. In fact, you can build one using template technology available at very affordable pricing.

However you get there, just make sure you get there. Every small business needs a website. So put the power of a website to work for you.

I’m Jeff Sloan, founder and CEO of startupnation.com, and that’s today’s Business Beat on the Great Voice of the Great Lakes, WJR.

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