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WJR Business Beat: Mobile Apps Are Experiencing More Engagement Than Ever Before (Episode 305)

On today’s Business Beat, Jeff talks about the incredible levels of daily mobile app usage around the world.

Tune in to the Business Beat, below, to learn about which consumers use mobile apps, and which ones, the most:

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Good morning, Paul! Amazingly, a few years ago, many tech prognosticators indicated that mobile apps were on their way out. And while no doubt, we’ve become more selective and more demanding about the apps we download and keep and use, mobile apps are experiencing more engagement than ever today. According to the latest report from App Annie, U.S. consumers spent an eye-popping average 4.2 hours per day using their mobile apps in Q3 2021 up from 3.9 hours in Q2. And even more startling is that while the level of usage per day is incredible by U.S. consumers, it’s overshadowed by the daily averages for consumers in other countries. Consumers in five countries now exceed the five-hour daily level of usage of their mobile apps. And those in 12 countries exceed four hours. Now, Indonesia tops the Q3 ranking at five and a half hours a day of app usage followed by Brazil at 5.4 hours and South Korea at five hours. Other countries with higher usage rates in the U.S. include India, Mexico, Japan, Canada and Russia. Who’s seeing all the action these days? Well, TikTok was the most used app across the world. It was the most downloaded in three countries, including the U.S., and the only app to appear in the top five list of all nine countries monitored by App Annie. Now in September, TikTok announced that it had hit the 1 billion active users mark, meaning that one in eight people in the world use it each month. Other most downloaded apps in Q3 2021 included social media services WhatsApp messenger, Facebook and Telegram, along with video conferencing tools Zoom and Microsoft Teams. Now these levels of engagement are massive and eye-opening, but I’d like to add a postscript to the App Annie study here on the Beat to put this all in more meaningful context. While it’s true that usage of apps continues to grow, just remember one thing, it is relatively fewer and fewer apps that are getting all the action. I’m Jeff Sloan, founder and CEO of startupnation.com, and that’s today’s Business Beat on the Great Voice of the Great Lakes, WJR.

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