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Verizon Small Business Digital Ready: Tailored to Your Needs Anytime, Anywhere

Grand Rapids Area Black Businesses leader Jamiel Robinson talked with StartupNation CEO Jeff Sloan about how the Verizon Small Business Digital Ready program helps people move forward in their entrepreneurial journey.

Tune in to the conversation below:

Whether you’re a startup dreamer in a rural area, small business owner in a suburban area or a big-city entrepreneur, there’s something in the VSBDR program for you. Register today for the free program by clicking HERE.

Here are highlights of Jamiel Robinson’s interview:

How VSBDR can help: Some of the needs, especially when it comes to small businesses on the technical assistance side, is help with financial statements. So we know that with the pandemic a lot of businesses, when it came to applying for assistance, whether that was relief grants or other kinds of relief loans, a lot of that required a lot of financial documents. Especially when we talk about small businesses of color, it didn’t necessarily have all of those documents. And so they missed out on a lot of the relief funding because they didn’t necessarily have all the paperwork in order.

But even besides that, when we look at small businesses across the board, they all need some assistance. What does the marketing plan look like? How do you brand? How do you build relationships with financial institutions? How do you prepare a cash flow statement?

Alone and together: The platform is very robust and it really takes into account all the needs of businesses. But one of the things that we stress when we were creating this platform was that it needed to be accessible. Not only just in a virtual platform, but also if individuals wanted to get together and kind of go through it as a group.

So it has that ability for individuals to be able to go through that as a group, but then also multiple team members. So if you have a small business with a few managers, in addition to the owner, they all could connect on this platform and go through some of the modules that would just help improve their management skills of the business.

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Flexible learning anytime, anywhere: One of the biggest things is the respect of entrepreneurial times. I know a lot of times as a support organization, we have certain set days and set times in which we’re doing different programmatic things. That’s beneficial to small businesses, but they can’t make it to each and every meeting or each and every program.

This program is very flexible and accommodating to the entrepreneur schedule. Whether it’s first thing in the morning or in the wee hours of the night, they’re able to log onto the platform. And the sessions themselves are very respectful of our time because some platforms, or some of the modules, you can get through within 15 to 20 minutes.

It’s in bite-sized pieces because entrepreneurs may only have a half an hour in the day to be able to participate in some kind of beneficial programming and learning experience.

A standout program: I think this one stands apart as far as being very built on the individual and flexible. So regardless if you’re running a bakery or you’re running a small manufacturing company or whatever, it’s very industry agnostic from that standpoint. It’s not based around a specific set of entrepreneur.

That’s one thing. The other thing with this platform is it’s just very beneficial and helpful for these entrepreneurs, especially when they can go in and if they feel as if they just need to skill up in a certain area, it’s not a requirement because some programs you have to attain every single week in order to get their information. Whereas here is very on demand and at the discretion of the entrepreneurs as to what areas and what focus they want to undertake.

Takeaways: It’s just a really beneficial program and platform. It’s not even a program, it’s a platform, you know, for entrepreneurs. It’s not meant to be the end-all, be-all solution for small businesses, but it’s definitely another tool at their disposal at any time day and night.

Let’s say if they even knew at one point how to do something, but they just want to get a quick refresher, it’s available for that. It’s meant to be one of the tools and the many offerings out here in the community for small businesses.

Verizon Small Business Digital Ready: A free resource for learning basic business skills, grants, the latest digital technology and more.

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