Balancing the frequency of your message broadcasts

When you send messages for a marketing campaign, you have to balance your message frequency. It’s a fine line. Send too often and you’ll annoy the recipients. Send too sparingly and your messages won’t stay in their minds. Either way, you defeat the entire purpose of your campaign.

I’ve found that bi-weekly or monthly schedules are best. If you sell a more time-sensitive product, you may wish to send more frequently. One strategy is to include a custom field on your sign-up form that allows someone to specify how often they want to receive your mail. This helps you tailor your message frequencies for each specific subscriber. Since most companies don’t use this technique, you will establish an extremely considerate identity with your subscribers.

Never forget that your messages must truly provide value to your customers. It’s really important that you don’t just send them a message for the sake of sending a message. It’s much more effective to send a high-quality monthly newsletter than a medium-quality weekly.

Next time, I’ll talk about personalizing your messages.

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