Cool Company of the day:

Thanks goes to community member Chuck for this one… is particularly cool for those of you who want to see your words in print someday, and not just here in the comments section of StartupNation’s blogs – instead, how about professionally bound… the real deal?!

Enter, a website with a sofware/service whose time has come: Step by step assistance to creating your own publishable book.

We were lucky enough to have our book published by Doubleday, but that route’s for only a small minority of people with smart ideas for books. Most people these days are either totally confused and don’t know what to do, or at best, they’re exploring self publishing.

That’s where Blurb comes in. They demystify the process of creating that book and before you know it, you’ll be writing your own Acknowledgements, "I couldn’t have done it without…."!

As Chuck said when he submitted this business for consideration as the Cool Company of the day…

"A little bit more power to the people."

And that’s what makes such a cool company.

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