Does your eBay business run without you?

For most people, their eBay business dominates their lives… Day in and day out, business owners are working IN their business, looking for new products to sell, listing items for sale, answering customer service emails, organizing their inventory, packaging up orders….

Does this sound like you?

It used to sound like me, but it doesn’t anymore… Don’t you want to have a life? Don’t you want to create something new? Don’t you want to improve your business?

My guess is that you do. The key is to create a system for your business. Look at your business as if you were going to build a franchise out of it, where countless others around the country would replicate your business model over and over again… How would they do this? What system would they follow? How would it work? How would it work without YOU?

Pull out a marker and a white board. Draw your business on the board. Draw every single element of the operations of your business (all the tasks that need to be completed in order for your business to work). Now that you can see it right in front of your face, think about how each one of those tasks could still get completed even if you disappeared off the face of the earth…

Now you’re on to something! You can do this… Build it to run without you, and then actually follow through with your plan. No more emails, no more listing, no more packaging, only thinking… As the entrepreneur, this is your job. Find the right people, the right systems, and spend the appropriate amount of time bringing it all together.

It will feel like a lot of work, and it might cost a little bit of money, but when it’s all said and done, you’ll have your life back, and you’ll still have your business too!

Corey Kossack is one of eBay’s “Top Sellers” through his eBay store, Koss DVD. He is also author of eBay Millionaire or Bust and creator of, an online software tool designed to reduce eBay fees and maximize profits for eBay sellers.

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