Giving Back

Last time, I outlined the main provisions of the CAN-SPAM
Act of 2003, and discussed how it affects your online marketing campaigns. This
law passed by Congress establishes guidelines for those businesses that send
out commercial emails, and was drafted to help cut down on the volume of spam
through the
Today, I will explain the importance of being enlightened entrepreneurs and
giving back to your communities.

Once you have created a successful business and set up an
email newsletter for your online marketing campaigns, it’s time to start
thinking about giving back to those less fortunate in your communities. One way
you can do this is by featuring your favorite charity or non-profit
organization in your email newsletters or on your website. This way, you can
draw attention to your favorite cause and get your prospects and customers
interested as well.

By using an email marketing service like iContact, you can
create messages to highlight the charity of your choice for your customers. Through
your email messages, you can come up with creative ways to have a fundraiser
for the organization, while still promoting your business and services in the

My core motivation for becoming an entrepreneur comes in
knowing that 2.7 billion people live on under $2 a day, and that 50,000 people
die each day in developing countries from preventable diseases and starvation. We
live in an age of unprecedented wealth and opportunity, and have the
entrepreneurial talent to end extreme poverty in our world. As enlightened
entrepreneurs, we must come together to ensure universal access to education,
healthcare, and other basic necessities for all people. Through your email
marketing campaigns, you can raise awareness for worthy causes and get your company’s
name out there at the same time.


Ryan Allis

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