eBay Millionaire or Bust making a run at the Amazon bestseller list!

Today I am pleased to announce that eBay Millionaire or Bust is making a run at the Amazon bestseller list and is coming close to having the highest sales rank today of any eBay book on Amazon. Every person interested in starting an eBay business from scratch or improving the eBay business they already have needs this book, it will transform the way you look at eBay business!

Please help us spread the word by purchasing on Amazon today by clicking here.

I have received many emails from readers like the ones below:

There is lots of information out there on how to sell on eBay, Corey,
but your guide puts the rest to shame by telling us something we don’t already know! This book was a fascinating read I wasn’t able to put down!”

– April SmalleyWhat a great book!
This is worth a lot more than I paid for it!”.

– Brandon Akers

Your book
is so amazing!”

– Roger WilkinsI just picked up your book and it is FANTASTIC! I read eBay for Dummies but
it was way too basic. eBay Millionaire or Bust has such great information!”

– Joanne Rainey

I can’t wait to hear feedback from the rest of you! Thanks everyone for your support!

Corey Kossack is one of eBay’s “Top Sellers” through his eBay store, Koss DVD He is also author of eBay Millionaire or Bust and creator of ProfitBuilderSoftware.com, an online software tool designed to reduce eBay fees and maximize profits for eBay sellers.

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