Startup Funding

Startup Funding: Which is the Right Option for you?

The right startup funding option for your business doesn’t have to be a mystery. With so many options, find out which funding option can work best for you and your business now, and in the future.

Which startup funding option will you choose?

Raising funding for a startup company is a tricky task for any entrepreneur. While many entrepreneurs have unrealistic expectations about the funding types that are within reach to them, others struggle to build businesses that are worthy of receiving major startup funding. This infographic explains each of the most common funding types, and what small companies need in order to obtain them.

Bootstrapping is the most attainable way to begin to build a company and steps can be followed thereafter to receive funding from friends and family, crowdfunding, angel investing or venture capital. Depending on the stage of your business and your overall goals you may fall into different categories outlined by the infographic. Which is the right startup funding option for you?

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