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4 Small Business Grant Programs Taking Applications Right Now

For entrepreneurs and small businesses looking for funding—and, frankly, that’s a long list—May and June offer promise. Sorry for the spring weather pun, but if you are looking to make it rain, check out the four grant programs we’ve collected below.

Applying is free, but each program has its own requirements and impending deadlines you will have to mind. Like most small business grants, these are sums of money awarded to businesses or individuals, with no requirement for repayment. Depending on the program, grants generally can be used to cover startup costs, grow your business or expand.

    1. Amazon Business Small Business Grants
      • Exclusively for Amazon Business small business customers that make less than $1 million in annual revenue
      • $250,000 in monetary grants in addition to other prizes to a total of 15 recipients
      • Grant applications are due by May 24


    2. The “Fund Her Future” Grant Program from Block Advisors by H&R Block
      • Five women small business owners will be selected
      • One small business owner will receive a grand prize grant package of $50,000 and free access to a suite of SMB services for a full year from Block Advisors experts.
      • Submissions accepted through May 26


    3. The 2024 Ebay for Business Up & Running Grants
      • In partnership with Hello Alice, eBay is awarding more than $500,000 in grants and education resources to help small businesses
      • 50 eBay business sellers will receive grant packages of $10,000, including cash, eBay education, and a $500 equipment stipend
      • Applications are open until June 7


    4. Verizon’s Small Business Digital Ready Grants
      • Multiple $10,000 grants for small businesses in the VSBDR program
      • Join Digital Ready for free and gain access to the program’s free courses, events, coaching sessions and mentoring offered by Digital Ready experts
      • Complete any two of the many courses or events
      • Apply for the grants before June 6

Also, if you are interested in a startup competition that does not provide funding but does offer extremely valuable advice for new businesses, take a look at the 2024 Most Fundable Companies competition from Pepperdine Graziadio Business School.

The goal of the competition is to bridge the gap to get startup companies funded, while providing objective feedback on how your business will be viewed by potential investors beyond your introductory pitch. If you are an early-stage U.S. company seeking private capital with a business that generates between $0 and $10 million in annual revenue, you are welcome to take part.

The first round deadline is May 21.

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