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fractional CFO
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The Importance of a Fractional CFO for Startups and SMBs

Businesses of all sizes continue to live through one of the most turbulent times in recent memory. Those who can quickly make good decisions based on accurate information and sound projections are more likely to come out on top. This underscores the importance of a fractional CFO in startups and SMBs. The economic impact of the...
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Raising Capital for Your Startup: Top Legal Considerations to Know

It’s an issue every entrepreneur and new business must face: raising capital for your business. Even though you may start your business with your own nest egg or your company may be able to operate for a while on its own revenues, at some point, you’re likely to need outside funding to grow. While capital...
business financing
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How to Grow Your Small Business with the Help of Business Financing

Relying on organic growth to scale your business can be tricky and unpredictable, making it difficult to plan for the future. Rather than relying on outside factors, take control of your business, and learn how to grow your small business with the help of business financing. You’ll be surprised at the variety of ways you...
financial pitfalls
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Keep Your Startup Growing by Avoiding These Financial Pitfalls

You put a lot on the line when you start your own business. You’re committing yourself to long hours, hard work and a great deal of uncertainty. And if you’re expecting to brave the shark tank with a huge influx of cash from investors, think again. Venture capitalists account for only 0.05 percent of startup...
tax laws
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How the New Tax Laws Might Affect Your Startup’s Financing

Many entrepreneurs in the U.S. have been keeping up with the recent changes to the tax law, passed at the end of 2017 and championed as a boon for small business. However, if you were planning on launching a new business this year, you might wonder how these new tax laws might affect the financing...
Personal brand
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4 Elements of a Great Personal Brand

I’ve been in the online marketing space in some way since 2010. I had a blog before it was cool to have one, so I’ve seen the transition online from people having personal blogs to creating a personal brand. I’ve also gone through this transition myself. I’ve spent much of the last couple of years...
Forming a business
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4 Tips to Keep in Mind When Forming a Business

As new business opportunities continue to grow, the decision to start a small business is becoming more popular. Forming a business can often seem to be a confusing process and includes items such as selecting a name, having the finances to invest in your business and the possibility of obtaining an office space that is welcoming...
Start a loans company
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How to Start a Loans Company

Running a loans company can be one of the most exciting businesses. As banks become more strict with lending over the years, there has been a huge increase in demand for alternative lenders, allowing new startups and lenders to emerge. This guide explains the essentials for how to start a loans company. Decide what loans and services...
Surety bonds
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What Entrepreneurs Need to Know About Surety Bonds

Startups involve a lot of planning and organizing before you get to the fun of actually running a business, meeting new clients and connecting with peers in your industry. With all of the money, investments and infrastructure that go into setting up a startup, one thing you might miss is the requirement of obtaining a...
Save Money as a Freelancer
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How to Save Money as a Freelancer

Whether you’re working full time or part time as a freelancer, it is more essential than ever to keep track of your finances. Freelancing presents complex tax issues, and in all likelihood, you will be earning less than if you were employed full time. For this reason, it is important to be as organized as possible...
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The Art of Financial Consolidation

Financial consolidation is highly technical Let’s be realists here – if preparing consolidated financial statements was not highly technical, no one would complain about how labor intensive, challenging, or frustrating the process is. It can be difficult enough to compile a single company’s transactional data into quarterly and monthly sets of statements. But IFRS 10...
improve company performance
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Four Steps to Improve your Company’s Performance in 2017

Here are four essential steps for improving your company's performance and growing your business: 1. Know your Financials Companies are dynamic organizations with a myriad of business functions occurring simultaneously. In order for the company to grow, each business function must operate collectively to produce an output in excess of the input. Gross Profit, Net...
startup mistakes
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Your Business Car – 8 Important Tax Considerations

Many business owners use a car, truck, or van in the course of their operations—to make deliveries, pick up supplies, and visit customers and clients. Tax-wise, there are certain rules that apply to write-offs for the vehicle. Here are eight points you need to know. 1. If you buy the vehicle, write-offs are limited There...
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Enough Doom and Gloom Already!

  For the last few weeks, it seems like there has been nothing but bad news. All of the radio and television reporters blast the latest unemployment stats, stock market dips and unrest in the world. It’s enough to turn you into a Scrooge this holiday season or make you cower in a corner with...
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Interview with Author of “So You Want to be an Entrepreneur”

Recently, I was contacted about a new book on entrepreneurship. This wasn’t that newsworthy, but then I found out that the author is giving all of the profits to charity. In today’s tough times, it’s nice to hear that people are still doing positive things so I contacted the author, Jon Gillespie-Brown. He had some...
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3 Ways to Avoid Financial Worries Right Now

With all the negative news about the economy and world events, it can be easy to get stressed out - fast. But as an entrepreneur, it's more important than ever to stay calm and think clearly. As a fellow small business owner, I'm dealing with many of the same stressors you are, and here are...
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What is YOUR money mentality?

The number one reason for business, and personal, failure is the “lack of knowledge” about MONEY! As a successful business owner, running a multi-million dollar retail product placement company, I know first hand how being bad with money can be, and how being cash starved is always fatal. I hate to admit that I did have...