Reporting in from the 2005 SBA Expo!

It’s always amazing to come to the nation’s capital. We’re staying in a hotel that’s on ‘Embassy Row’ just down the way from the Embassy of Togo, and across from the Embassy of Venezuala. Very cool for a couple of boys from Michigan.

In any event, we just finished Emcee’ing the kick-off evening of this year’s national SBA Expo. It took place in the National Air and Space Museum. We were joined by over a thousand entrepreneurs. And we’re here to tell you, spirits are running high.

Last year the SBA provided more loan guaranties than in any previous year. And in the first part of this year, the applications from smart entrepreneurs like you are coming in in the highest numbers ever!

Though it’s a misconception that the SBA loans you money directly, the SBA CAN act as a guarantor of the bank loan you seek, and that can mean the difference between starting up with the capital you require versus never getting off the ground at all due to lack of funds.

Most of all, tonight we were reminded about the power of charismatic and committed leadership. Administrator Hector Barreto and Deputy Administrator Melanie Sablehouse are REALLY kicking the SBA into high gear. We love what they are doing for us entrepreneurs!!!

If you’ve received SBA-backed funds or have a question, type in your comment below!

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