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12 Productive Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

If you’re looking to build a new habit to help you get more done, set your mind to these 12 productive habits of successful entrepreneurs!

Build Productive Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

We have all heard that good habits can lead to productivity. From never hitting the snooze button, to always putting things back in their right place, good habits shape the way you live your life. For successful entrepreneurs, productive habits are the key to a good day, and can often provide a sense of clarity and purpose in your everyday work.

Scientific research suggests that it takes about 21 days to build a new habit. If you’re looking to build a new habit to help you get more done, set your mind to these 12 productive habits of successful entrepreneurs!

  1. Check emails on your own time

Everyone knows the burden of over 1,000 unread emails, most of which are spam. To avoid inbox-related stress, limit yourself to a few scheduled checks per day. This focuses you on your other tasks, and you’ll get through your inbox more efficiently when you do check it.

  1. Strike up conversation with strangers

You can find new ideas in the most ordinary of situations. Don’t be afraid to say hi to people who intrigue you – that’s how you learn to be a sharper person. From asking what they think of your latest idea to simply saying ‘hi’ on the bus, get to know someone new each day.

  1. Exercise regularly and stay healthy

In entrepreneurship, your mind is your greatest asset. Keep it sharp by taking care of your body and keeping fit. Stick to a nutritious diet that’s right for you, and exercise during your brainstorm sessions. Go for a brisk walk or hop on the Stairmaster, and get the blood flowing to your brain.

  1. Manage your finances well

One business study found that 44% of small business owners had below-average financial literacy skills, and were unsure how to manage their future finances. If you aren’t financially literate, learn now! Set up an appointment with your accountant and create a plan so you aren’t scrambling later!

  1. Be the expert in your industry

Always challenge yourself to study up and learn more about your business’ market. Read the latest research papers, talk to fellow business owners and attend conferences relevant to your industry. If you are not the expert in your industry, your competitor is!

  1. Seek new experiences

Entrepreneurs are risk-takers. Challenge yourself to try new experiences and keep asking, ‘what if?’ When you push past your comfort zone, you learn more about yourself, as a business owner and as an individual. Finally learn how to ride a bike! Go skydiving! But never let yourself become complacent.

  1. Participate in your community

Your community is your business’ backbone. Stay attuned to what’s happening in your neighborhood and get involved. Sponsor the high school theatre’s summer play, or host a fundraiser for a local family in need. Stay close to your community and understand their needs.

  1. Ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ questions

Curiosity is what inspired you to innovate and build your business in the first place! Make a habit out of asking the important questions – ‘how’ and ‘why’. Use open-ended questions when you speak to others, and keep an open mind to their answers.

  1. Keep in touch with old friends

Business networking easily extends into your personal life. Reach out to old friends from years ago and ask them how they’re doing. Stay connected to the people who have helped shape you into the entrepreneur you are today. Networking is easy enough; staying in touch and reconnecting is the hard part.

  1. Plan and stay organized

Every successful business owner has a precise system to keep each hectic day organized. Whether you prefer a traditional, spiral-bound planner or a planner app synced to all your devices, find an organizational method that you can commit to and stick to it.

  1. Say ‘thank you’ to people around you

Success begins with gratitude. Be thankful to those who have helped you in some way, from the barista who gets you your morning inspiration-in-a-cup to your business partner who gets you through the workday. People like to be appreciated, and a bit of kindness can go a long way.

  1. Take care of yourself

As an entrepreneur, you push yourself to innovate, build and expand all the time. It’s a delicate balance to avoid burning out, and you have to take care of yourself! Self-employed people are less likely to go on vacation, but if you give yourself a break occasionally, you can come back to your work refreshed, sharper and more creative than before. How’s that for productive habits?

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