A new poll showing small business perspective on big business, policies and politicians

A new poll is out, and it sheds light on how "out of the limelight" small business owners feel when it comes to Wall Street, the media and politicians.

BOSTON, MA – Despite what Wall Street may be saying, small business owners are feeling that the economy is headed in the wrong direction and things need to change, according to an American Management Services/Suffolk University poll released this week.

Other interesting results from the poll showed that small business owners also felt a disconnection with Wall Street. Poll results concluded that 70% of respondents did not benefit from the Dow Jones being at an all-time high in 2007. Also 56% of respondents concluded that the high price of oil was having a negative impact on their small businesses, along with 59% of respondents believing that the economy is headed in the wrong direction.

I agree. Seems as though Wall Street’s big players have been raking it in while I’m not seeing the same thing happen among most small businesses. Would you characterize this economy as going "gangbusters" for you? 

And what about the presidential candidates? When asked by the pollsters to rate the small business plans of any of the top seven Democratic and Republican Presidential Candidates, over two-thirds of respondents could not rate the small business plans of any of the major presidential candidates. Despite 99.6% of all employer units being small businesses, small businesses are being over looked by big government and the presidential candidates and as a result, small business owners are becoming the forgotten majority.

Poll results also showed that 73% of respondents believe that the next president and congress should pass a health care reform plan and 72% of respondents believed that the next president and congress should not grant amnesty to undocumented workers.

Finally poll results show that a significant political gap has been recorded between small business owners and the two major political parties. 36% of respondents did not know which political party will benefit small businesses. 32% of respondents believed a Republican president while 28% of respondents believed a Democrat president would benefit small businesses and the economy.

Of the 400 people who took part in the poll, 31% identified themselves as Republicans, 27% as Democrats and 28% as Independents.


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