Communication: Part I

This weekend I was in Austin, TX, where Wayne and I were doing a seminar and workshop. The weather was absolutely beautiful, the sky in Texas is vast, and the sunsets were magnificent swirls of atmosphere. Lots of college students, and everyone is SO FRIENDLY.

We took our clients out to lunch on Saturday and within five minutes of sitting down, we were chatting up the table next to us. It was partly demonstration for the guys, just to have them watch some of the social dynamics we teach. The weird thing about this job is that most of these dynamics are things I have been doing unconsciously for years, and I think they’re a fundamental part of what makes an entrepreneur.

An entrepreneur is expressive. An entrepreneur is a diplomat. An entrepreneur is a communicator.

He or she must be able to express a vision in a way that is both compelling and that connects with people. I used to be able to tell a compelling story, but it took work to do it in a way that really connected with them. Stay tuned for more thoughts on this matter…

– Jonathan Hudson

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