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In a world of dog psychologists, feng shui gurus, and astrologists, it seems like these days there’s a consultant who’s an expert on anything and EVERYthing!

That’s not necessarily a bad thing.

For example, we recently got an email from an entrepreneur who’s developed a consultancy specifically and solely for coffee shops and how to make them work better!

Given the large number of people wanting to leave the corporate grind so they can run their own show and sell grinds instead, that’s a smart idea. And the narrow niche helps build momentum and track record among a group of high-need clients. With technology opening up bigger geographies to be able to consult beyond your own neighborhood, the opportunities are bigger than ever!

We want to start creating a list of other kinds of consultants who have interesting–even quirky–expertise that seems viable, though you never would have expected them to exist.

Do you know of any?

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