Don’t forget the small stuff

Whoa, remember me? Its been a long time since I blogged. No excuse for the unexplained absence… other than graduation from college (after nine years of in and out!), consulting on a friend’s new business, a wonderful new girl in my life, and excessive growth at Charisma Arts. We have a television show coming out in the UK on August 3, and we’re all working around the clock to deal with the changes that the company faces. Fun stuff.

So what is my future here at StartupNation, now that I am no longer in college? Rich and I have discussed this briefly, and I will be working to find a replacement on a college campus. If you’re in college and would consider taking over this column, please email me at jonathan at turnseven dot com

In the meantime, I’m excited to keep writing, and my thought today is on something little that can become something big: tasks.

You know – those little things like crediting orders, booking hotel rooms, answering the phone… they all add up. In fact, I sat down about a month ago to do an analysis, and realized that I was spending about 70% of my day on repetitive tasks. These were things that I was easily able to manage when we were a two-person company, but were weighing me down as we grew.

We recently hired an assistant. Not only is Valree more organized than I could ever be, but she has taken over a lot of the tasks that were preventing me from focusing on strategy and growth of the business.

If you are spending more than 30% of your day on administration and task work, consider hiring an assistant. The time that you reinvest into growing your sales will have a greater value than you can imagine.

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