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Food Startups: Changing the way we think and eat

Food Startups that are Changing the Way We Think about Eating

Every year, there are hundreds of new food startups, and they are not always the same old, same old. Of course, there are still many that offer traditional menus for those of us who are a bit on the fussy side. But, there are many more that will change the way that people think about what they eat, where they eat, and how they eat. Here are some of the food startups that are generating a lot of interest.

Healthy Out

Healthy Out is based in New York, NY, and offers healthy menu choices from the top restaurants in the city. All meals will be delivered right to your door, whether you are at home or working late. You can order lunch and dinner, and you can order these meals as often as you like. Some of the best chefs in New York are preparing these meals, so you know you can expect an out of this world dining experience, even if you can’t go to the restaurants yourself due to other commitments. This startup is recognized by Mayor Bloomberg as helping New York to become healthier, one meal at a time.


When you want gourmet meals that are healthy, Plated (based in New York, NY) has just what you are looking for. You will have meals that are delivered to your door, and all you have to do is cook them, no gathering of ingredients or prep required. Choose from an awesome menu of fresh recipes created by top chefs, and all meals come in boxes that are biodegradable and 100% recyclable.

Fast Food Menu Prices

Of course, pricing is always important, because we all want to be able to enjoy a great meal without spending a fortune. This is why many restaurants are posting their menus and pricing online. For instance, you can find out what anything costs at McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants by visiting Fast Food Menu Prices (including the healthy options that many people want these days).


Another startup offering healthy options is Munchery, based in San Francisco, CA. Each day, you will receive fresh dinner options via email, and you can get premium meals that are prepared by highly respected local chefs and delivered directly to your door. Whenever possible, ingredients are organic, sustainable, and local.

Hampton Creek Foods

Another San Francisco, CA startup, Hampton Creek Foods specializes in food technology, working on menu items that are made from plant-based ingredients. These foods taste as good as the less healthy option, and are ideal for vegetarians and vegans. This is a company that was selected by Bill Gates in a website feature about how we will be eating in the future.

Love with Food

In San Mateo, CA, Love with Food is a subscription food service that helps people get the organic treats that they are looking for. Every month, a box of treats that can be difficult to find will arrive at your door, ready to be eaten. If you write reviews about your snacks, you can earn points which you can spend on more treats, or redeem the points for cash. For each box of snacks, a donation is made to a food bank.

Beyond Meat

Even vegans want to enjoy the delicious taste of meat once in a while, and they can when they are dining on meals from Beyond Meat, based in Manhattan Beach, CA. This is a vegan brand that is creating delicious meals using plant-based foods rather than animal-based. You are still going to get the protein you need in your diet, but you will not have to ingest any animal-based products, including milk and eggs.

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