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GREENWILL: For a green globe

Improve your business’ environmental practices with the help of “GREENWILL”


What is GREENWILL? It is a global non-profit initiative that provides FREE and simple tools to organizations and individuals that want to reduce costs and become sustainable. Initiated in 2013 by EuCham – European Chamber, GREENWILL is already covering more than 80 countries around the world.

    “The first time I heard about GREENWILL,”said Eric Adom Roosevelt, director of Rea Home Care Nursing, a social development organization in Ghana,“I realized the power in the idea was its simplicity. After adopting a Green Policy and making it public so that my partners and clients could hold me accountable for my pledge, I used the GREENWILL structure to encourage over three dozen other organizations in my country and across West Africa to do the same.”

    For Anwar-Ul-Haque Fakhar in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, the story was similar. Anwar heads the Haque Edu & Welfare Trust organization, which helps impoverished Pakistanis access health and education services. “I have seen first-hand how environmental degradation has put enormous pressure on families to access clean water and breathe clean air,” he lamented. “GREENWILL is a cost-free framework that we adopted to improve our own environmental practices, but then we realized it’s the perfect solution to convince our partners to do the same. Many have, and not only are they more sustainable now, but they’ve also saved a lot of money and improved their image in the community.

GREENWILL mission is to inspire and encourage as many organizations and individuals as possible by guiding them in their first steps towards sustainability. It provides its members with several flexible tools: the Green Guidelines that contains practical tips for green improvement, and the Green Policy, which is a public pledge signed by its members, containing eight fundamental environmentally friendly principles. Furthermore, GREENWILL is launching game changing projects such as GreenAdvisor, a TripAdvisor-like application where you can find the best eco-friendly places ranked by the consumers.

Adopting Green Guidelines and Green Policy is not only beneficial for the environment but also for your organization.By becoming a GREENWILL member you will save money on electricity and water bills, boost your marketing image, raise your reputation, improve your public relations and attract new customers and investors. GREENWILL international team consists of many young creative minds who seek to help enterprises and organizations improve their platform and shift to greener operations.

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