If he can sing opera, you can start a business

I recently saw a video at YouTube showing a socially awkward, British mobile telephone salesman singing his heart out. My first reaction, like so many of the other 20,000,000 people who downloaded the video, was goosebumps.

""Here’s the video of you want to watch it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9e8mh2cUlbs

It dawned on me after the second time playing the video that if this unlikely character, with no previous experience nor formal training can become a renowned opera singer, I’m almost sure you can become an entrepreneur!

So, what did he do that you would have to do if you truly want to start and run your own business?

  1. He chose something he loved – you can tell he was passionate about the piece, "Nessun Dorma".
  2. He chose something he had a talent for – in our Life Planning advice, we always advise you to pursue something in which you have natural ability (among other things).
  3. He practiced – he became as good as he possibly could at that one thing.
  4. He showed up - he never would have had a shot at living his dream unless he took the bold risk of actually trying out for the competition.

If you ever had doubt about whether you can make the leap and become an entrepreneur, this mobile-phone-salesman-turned-opera-star should give you hope.



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