Popular Websites: The First and Current Appearance

Infographic: The First and Current Appearance of Popular Websites. What Can We Learn from Their Examples?

Essay writing service NinjaEssays published an intriguing infographic that shows how popular websites used to look like when they were first launched, and compares that look to their current design. The infographic features Facebook, Apple, Twitter, YouTube, Google, LinkedIn, eBay, Flickr, and Yahoo – some of the most influential websites that have managed to preserve their reputation through constant growth and innovation.

Why should we be interested in this comparison?

It tells us an important thing about businesses: they cannot be successful without changes, adaptations, and innovations. Be honest: would you still appreciate Google if it preserved its original form since 1996?

Websites, just like any other business undertaking, have to be constantly updated. Flexibility is important; you have to be open for risks and experiments. However, you have to evaluate each opportunity carefully before implementing it into practice. We have all been aware of the frustration Facebook and YouTube have caused with some of their adjustments.

Why is change important for business success?

There is no growth without it. If business leaders didn’t take risks, they would be stuck in an organizational form that would constantly go downwards in terms of productivity and customer satisfaction. The market is a flexible category; it requires all businesses to adapt to the trends dictated by consumers. As you implement changes in your products and services, you will explore new opportunities for growth and connect with your customers on another level.

Each adjustment needs time to settle in. If you change the design of your website’s homepage and notice that the visitors are not responding as well as you hoped they would, you should give them some time before you decide to withdraw your decision and go one step backwards. The greatest challenge is to understand what your audience wants and find a balanced version that would work for everyone.

What can we learn from this infographic?

It doesn’t take much for us to understand how important growth is if we want to maintain a successful reputation in the world of business. This simple presentation of the first and current versions of some of the most popular websites helps us perceive the crucial elements of success:

  • Risks, changes, and constant adaptations to the evolving market environment.
  • Insight into the customers’ needs and interests.
  • Flexibility and adjustments according to users’ feedback.
  • Continuous growth.

Are you ready to be visually inspired to make your business more productive? Take the time to review this infographic!

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