Invention of the Week #4: Future Wrist Stick

Another cool invention this week from our partners at InventionHome.

This week’s feature is “Future Wrist Stick,” which was invented by Robert Moriarty and Gary Hicks.  Robert and Gary have an issued US Utility patent on their invention.

As the holidays approach and “Black Friday” nears, it’s inevitable that Christmas shopping lists are materializing, too.  Along with shopping for gifts comes the chore of wrapping presents…big presents, small presents, and the hard-to-wrap, odd-shaped presents, too.  The Future Wrist Stick was designed to hold a roll of tape conveniently positioned on the user’s hand or wrist so the task of wrapping those presents gets a whole lot easier.

The product mounts to the wrist with an adjustable hook-and-loop-fastening strap. Future Wrist Stick will accept up to a 36-yard roll of tape, and the user can easily dispense the needed length of tape and cut it with a simple motion with the free hand. It’s perfect when wrapping packages or working on craft projects. The adjustable strap can tighten or loosen to accommodate different size wrists, as well as left and right-handed users.

What do you think?

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