Just Three Brains

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Despite a myriad of thinking patterns and a full range of individual behaviors among those who share this world with the home business entrepreneur, I am convinced that our spouses and significant others rely on only one of three brains.
How do I know?
Do this experiment:
Tell your husband or wife that you are quitting your job and dedicating your life to the success of your home business and watch these three brains at work.
Spouses equipped with Brain #1 immediately grab for their wallets or pocketbooks. They may also mumble, “money… money… where will we get the money” absent-mindedly while they calculate the price your first born will fetch on the open market.

If your spouse has Brain # 2, he or she will smile deviously. Then, the brain begins to compile a list of home chores you can accomplish while “working” at home—from laundry to lawn care, from daycare to delivery.
I think this slice of my own life demonstrates this.
Brain #3 initially reacts by placing a sympathetic smile on your spouse’s face. After that, it makes your spouse nervously thumb through then mental health emergency numbers.

So. What brain does your spouse or significant other have?


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