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LURE Home Spa Becomes an Entrepreneur’s “AHHHHH”-HA Business Venture

Join us in congratulating LURE Home Spa for being named in the Top 100 of the 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners in the “Most Glamorous and Most Innovative” Categories!

LURE Home Spa is in the Top 100 and in the Top 10 of the “Most Glamorous and Most Innovative” Categories

Congratulations to LURE Home Spa, located in Marlboro, New Jersey, for being named in the Top 100 for 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners and in the Top 10 of the “Most Glamorous and Most Innovative” Categories. We caught up with business owner and entrepreneur Stella Rubinshteyn and asked her to answer some questions and share some words of advice and inspiration with our StartupNation audience.

Tell Us About Your Journey

StartupNation: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Stella: Opportunity to control my own destiny, freedom and flexibility of work/family balance, being driven by sense of accomplishment and being able to leave a legacy.

StartupNation: To what do you attribute your success as an entrepreneur and business owner?
Stella: Ambition, intuition, operating with a sense of urgency and determination, always learning on the go. Networking with like-minded entrepreneurs and supporting each other through masterminds.

StartupNation: What ignited the spark in you to start/select your particular business as an entrepreneur?
Stella: I started LURE Home Spa out of my own need. For many months I’ve been suffering from severe hip, knees and muscle pain until one day my therapist introduced me to an ancient method of cupping therapy massage. Instead of using traditional fire and glass, he used silicone massage cups to create suction and move the cups around the areas being treated. All it took was just 2 sessions to get substantial results. I started studying cupping and the never ending list of benefits it provides from effective anti-aging and body toning treatments to successful pain relief. I was so excited to be freed from daily pain that I wanted to bring to market quality silicone massage cups and share the simplicity of cupping therapy with anyone who wishes to improve their health and beauty naturally and effectively.

StartupNation: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • Patience
  • Diligence
  • Faith

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