New Year’s Restitutions????

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While most of you are thinking about your goals for the upcoming year, I am going through emails and semi-anonymous notes from friends and family members that offer suggestions of what I should do in 2008.

Here, apparently, is my list of restitutions for 2008:

  • Do not refer to hours or aimless web surfing as “entrepreneurial and small business research.”
    (Thanks kids!)  
  • I’d appreciate you not telling the mailman to “wear a girdle” when he complains about the weight of packages delivered to the house.
    (This is a toss up. Could be my husband, or the mailman. Maybe both. Men are such schemers.) 
  • Do not continually use your blog as a forum to make fun of men.
    (My bet is on the Sloan brothers for this one.)
  • Quit calling former boss’s work number and laughing hysterically on voice mail.(Well, everyone else thinks the boss is a joke.)
  • The iMac is not a Barbie computer!
    (Eww. Must’ve touched a nerve with Satan, my web developer.)
  • You can not trademark the term, “jerkwad”; nor can you patent a boot as a, “jerk removal method and system.”
    (Hmmm… Maybe the folks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Organization???)

    It seems like I have my hands full in 2008!

    Have a great new year!


    Stella out


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