revolutionary business ideas

5 Revolutionary Business Ideas Changing the Startup Landscape

While the pandemic has shaken the world from every corner, it’s also motivated new businesses to think smarter. 

From automating mundane processes to satisfying changing customer demands, startups count on agility and creativity to see them through.

The fruits of that labor are finally clear as we witness revolutionary business ideas changing the startup world as we know it. 

In this article, we’re sharing five business ideas that will continue to impact the startup landscape well into the future. 

1. Tips, tricks, and reviews  

While sharing informative content can be an effective part of any branding strategy, some entrepreneurs have designed an entire business around it. 

From creating comparison review sites to offering full-blown guides and consumer feedback, sharing informative content is becoming a business in and of itself. 

For instance, Sleep Advisor, an independently published, reader-supported magazine, curates tips on products and sleep. Working with company affiliate programs, Sleep Advisor’s unbiased reviews and helpful content have made the company a trusted source of product reviews and information for readers. 

revolutionary business ideas
Sleep Advisor

This industry sector looks promising as consumers increasingly look to testimonials, tips, and reviews to make informed purchases. 

2. Enhanced kid and teen banking options 

FinTech startups continue to rise at an unprecedented rate, with concentrations in blockchain technology and trading apps leading the way. But possibly something we never saw coming was a gap in the market for kid and teen banking features. 

While families used to get by with standard kids’ savings accounts or traditional piggy banks, these days, they are looking for various financial tools for their kids and teens. 

From gifting stocks as Christmas presents to offering debit cards for kids and teens, FinTech startups broaden their familial services to keep up with the demand.

Other creative features fintech startups are offering minors include:

  • Virtual banks for kids.
  • Budgeting and financial health classes for kids and teens.
  • Weekly or monthly allowance managed directly in kids banking apps.
  • Virtual badges and rewards for completing savings goals. 
  • Money transfer options between students, friends, and family members.

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3. A rising boom in the delivery industry

Enhanced delivery services, such as on-demand delivery and online shopping delivery, will continue to make their mark in the startup world.

While ordering burgers and pizza used to be reserved for Friday nights, consumers living in a pandemic world are now opting for delivery regularly. With that in mind, it’s no wonder food delivery services are estimated to hit $154.34 billion by 2023.

Other delivery startup services making their marks include:

  1. B2B last-mile delivery services and route planners 

Solving lengthy last-mile deliveries, these startups offer features, such as electronic proof of delivery and optimized route planning for delivery businesses. 

Track POD
  1. Grocery shopping and meal planning services 

Changing the way consumers manage meal planning, these startups offer online grocery shopping, grocery delivery, and weekly meal planning management features.  

  1. Inventory check and automated shipping 

Streamlining the restaurant industry, these startups offer food delivery management software that automates inventory management and supply orders.

4. Event and travel planning changes shape

2020’s canceled weddings, events, and vacations birthed new ways to manage special events and travel. 

From managing virtual guest lists to automating RSVPs, event planning startups offer creative ways to plan in-person and virtual events. 

WedBoard is no exception with its complete suite of online wedding planning features. Brides and families alike can use the app to meet with their dedicated vendor team, design vision boards, and manage guest lists. 

And Sherpa, a travel information software startup, helps B2B brands provide travel identification requirements to their customers in real-time. 

Other event startup features to be on the lookout for include:

  • Internal virtual events for workplaces and virtual teams.
  • Virtual travel tours and virtual reality travel.
  • Ticketing and event management solutions.
  • Virtual event marketing solutions.
  • Complete online travel management and booking services. 
  • VIP travel features, such as virtual check-in and virtual in-flight meal orders. 

5. Creative edtech solutions

As edtech features continue to impact the education and business worlds alike, new edtech startups will continue to pop up in the market. Investments in augmented and virtual reality, for instance, are projected to reach $12.6 billion by 2025. 

Edtech features encompass everything from learning management systems to virtual whiteboards, in-app communication, and more.

As both the education and business sectors continue to morph into hybrid work environments, edtech startups will continue offering hybrid work solutions.

StuDocu is no exception with its recent $50 million in Series B funding, which will help accelerate its global reach. Open Education Resources (OERs) like StuDocu aim to remove information silos by bridging the gap between students and study resources. With StuDocu, students can share class material, syllabi, and exam preparation tools. 

Revolutionary business ideas

Other revolutionary edtech business ideas changing the startup landscape include:

  • E-learning solutions, such as online degrees, online courses, and learning platforms like Udemy and Masterclass.
  • Chatbot solutions to answer student questions and facilitate lead generation for online courses.
  • Video-based learning solutions, such as educational videos and video lectures.
  • Artificial intelligence for business marketing solutions, content writing, essay writing, and streamlined student assessments.
  • Robotics and gamification features to teach programming and game design. 

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Wrap up 

While the pandemic has shaken the world from every corner, it’s also motivated new businesses to think smarter. 

The five business ideas we shared today will continue to make major waves in the startup industry. While many startups were lost in 2020, we hold out hope for startups entering new territory in the future.

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