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Just got back home from seeing a band called the Stereophonics. I can’t hear much out of my right ear. A bottle of wine I’d opened earlier has just enough left for half a glass, and the crisp evening air is wafting through semi-ajar windows. A train is sounding its horn about ten miles away. I wish I could burn this moment to CD.

It’s your time / It’s your day / It’s never too late to change lanes / How’s your life? / How’s your place? / Was it where you wanted your head to lay?

Catchy song, that one. Its called “Rewind”, off their latest release, which I’m sure you can (and should) find on iTunes.

What if it really was your day? A day where your career path was one of your own choice, where you had built systems and infrastructure that worked for you? Where your employees had their jobs because of you?

Explore it in your head. Turn it around and jump in. Dream it in your sleep and float through it. Wake up tomorrow and fast forward.

– Jonathan Hudson

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