StartupNation Member Goes on QVC Tomorrow Morning!

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Fellow StartupNation members and moral support boosters for the dreamers – big news for Jules, who I’ve profiled a number of times in podcasts and feature stories (and not just because she’s living the dream but also because, well, she’s my SISTER!!!). Yes, it runs in the Sloan family blood.

In any event, tomorrow morning she and her couture cuff fashion accessories are being featured between 6am and 9am on QVC. She’s expecting to have up to 6 minutes of airtime during that 3-hour span.

So, TUNE IN! And I’m sure Julie hopes that you’re in a buying mood. Apparently, in true QVC style, the prices will be discounted.

You can learn about Julie’s product lines (wraps and slip-on cuffs that dress up your average blouse) at her website:

Go Julie! You’re living the dream. Hope the inventory sells out! Having been on QVC myself, hawking our book, StartupNation: Open for Business,


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