Taking a Leap of Faith

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Taking a Leap of Faith

Today’s Quote is from Margaret Louisa Vanderbilt Shepard, 20th Century American Heiress, who said:

“Sometimes your only available transportation is a leap of faith.”

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Helping high-integrity, growth oriented individuals pursue and realize their vision of life excellence is my passion.

This special coaching partnership with each individual includes many aspects, which can be summarized in a three step process, which I call a “Pivot.”

  1. Assessing the client’s current situation, including emotions, feelings, and of course, objective evidence of what is and isn’t working.
  2. Determining their preferred view of the future – where they wish to be at some point down the road – professionally and personally.
  3. Exploring, choosing, and taking committed actions to move from their current reality toward their vision.


If you happen to not be progressing sufficiently toward your desired goals, or if you perhaps feel stopped entirely, take the leap to secure a coach or other supportive individual. Find someone who can help you “pivot” to continually and faithfully leap each and every day toward the life you deeply desire.

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