Thank God It’s… What Day Again?


Just remembering the cold steel routine of the five-day work week. Every week began with a Monday. Three days were spent wishing it was Friday. And, right on cue, every week ended with a Friday. Then, there were two days spent dreading the other five days.

And so on… and so on…

Now, as a home-based entrepreneur, I have to totally rearrange my calendar. On the Startup Stella calendar, there are two days: Monday and Friday. They appear in no particular order. When things are bad, I just call that Monday. When I get a hot streak of orders, that’s my Friday.

The sad thing about being an entrepreneur is you can have a Monday smack-dab in the middle of a perfectly good weekend. A few weeks ago, when my web site went down and my webmaster (term used loosely) was sick with the flu (sometimes referred to as hangover), I had a Monday on a perfectly beautiful Saturday morning.

On the other hand, you can have an amazing Friday in what was formerly a Tuesday.

OK. So, back to work for me. I’ll post again on Monday.

Or Friday.



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