Too Much *Bleep*ing Perspective

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If you’ve been a maverick entrepreneur for awhile, there’s a chance you may have lost touch with the reasons you sloughed the corporate shackles and struck off on your own.

It’s road trip time. Time to pay a visit to how the other half–or three-quarters–live. Let me take you there.

I went to pick up my husband at his office building around 5 p.m. At precisely 4:59:59, the mass of humanity appeared at the doors. This wasn’t quitting time; this was a prison break. A stampede. The suits were stacked up ties to flies as they made a mad dash through the glass doors.

The weaker ones and those without managerial titles were tossed to the side, like so much Darwinian office scum. They might still be there now. No one bothered to check. 

At the same time, a thunderstorm was raging. Lightning sizzled. Thunder crashed. Rain pounded the asphalt moat that surrounds the building into steamy submission. Still, the herd charged into the open. A lightning bolt, by the way, can contain over 50,000 volts of life-zapping electricity and has a temperature hotter than the surface of the sun. Yet, these office workers were willing to take a bolt to the forehead than stay one second longer in the office talking to co-workers about strategic initiatives and corporate synergies.

I sat in wide-eyed amazement as they dove into their cars and turned the parking lot into a mid-sized sedan and hybrid filled demolition derby.

For me, that’s perspective. In the words of Spinal Tap’s David St. Hubbins, “It’s too much *bleep*ing perspective.”

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