The Welcome Committee

Join us in congratulating The Welcome Committee for being named in the Top 100 of the 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners in the “Most Innovative and Boomers Back in Business” Categories!

The Welcome Committee is in the Top 100 and the Top 10 of the “Most Innovative and Boomers Back in Business” Categories

Congratulations to The Welcome Committee, located in Mooresville, North Carolina, for being named in the Top 100 for 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners and in the Top 10 of the “Most Innovative and Boomers Back in Business” Categories. We caught up with business owner and entrepreneur Suzanne Meyer and asked her to answer some questions and share some words of advice and inspiration with our StartupNation audience.

Tell Us About Your Journey

StartupNation: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur?
Suzanne: Having the FLEXIBILITY in my day to day work schedule so I can prioritize and choose which activities need the most immediate attention.

StartupNation: To what do you attribute your success as an entrepreneur and business owner?
Suzanne: My parents were great role models, they both had a strong work ethic in their respective fields and I believe I learned through their example that to be successful, you have to have passion and dedicated perseverance for your work.


StartupNation: What ignited the spark in you to start/select your particular business as an entrepreneur?
Suzanne: There was a need for this service and no one else was providing it, so I filled a niche. After 17 years, I am still loving every minute of this business…no two days are ever alike and I still get excited to meet new people and to work with business owners, civic and community leaders every day!

StartupNation: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

  • Vision
  • Discipline
  • Leadership

Words of Wisdom – Inspiration for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

StartupNation: If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?
Suzanne: Find your passion and turn it into a career…it won’t seem like work if you LOVE what you do!


StartupNation: Where do you find your greatest inspiration?
Suzanne: My children are my greatest inspiration…they keep me motivated and moving forward!

StartupNation: What is your favorite motivational/business quote as an entrepreneur?
Suzanne: “Life is too short to be living somebody else’s dream” ~ Hugh Hefner

StartupNation: A motto you live by?
Suzanne: The Golden Rule. . . I always treat everybody with kindness and respect, the same way I would like to be treated.

Tell Us About Your Business, Experiences, & Funding Your Startup

StartupNation: How did you get funding for your startup?
Suzanne: It was not expensive to start up this business, less than $1,000 so I funded it myself.

StartupNation: Recommendations for others starting out?
Suzanne: The tools and services are out there to help you get started. Speak with SCORE Counselors, the Business Center at your local Community College and your Chamber of Commerce BEFORE you invest in your S Corp or LLC. You will be surprised by what you learn and this free advice will save you a lot of money in your initial startup.

Marketing and Building Their Customer Base

StartupNation: How do you market and build your customer base?
Suzanne: Through word-of-mouth marketing, referrals and trade advertising.

StartupNation: Recommendations for others starting out?
Suzanne: Do your due diligence…thoroughly research your industry to see if it’s a fit in the market you wish to work. Don’t be deterred by competition, focus on doing the best job you can possibly do and keep a positive mindset.

Changes in the Business Market

StartupNation: What changes have you seen in your business market since starting?
Suzanne: Over the past 17 years, I have seen the economy rise and fall, then rise again. Our business mirrors the residential real estate market. When home sales are up, we make money because there are plenty of new homeowners to welcome. When the economy is doing well, people are buying homes and businesses are paying to advertise in our welcome baskets. In 2007, we had to adjust / reduce the number of homes we visited and we also took a hit because many of our long time advertisers either went out of business or could not afford to advertise. Thankfully, times are better, we are visiting up to 200 newcomer households

StartupNation: What do you see coming that will impact your business?
Suzanne: We will be hiring additional staff by late spring to keep up with the growing residential growth in the north Charlotte / Lake Norman region. There are several large subdivisions planned (1600+ homes) so we will be busy for quite a while.

Learn more about Suzanne’s business and view other businesses that entered and placed in the competition by clicking here for the top ten and a full list 2014 Home-Based 100 Business Winners and entrants.

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