Where’s the Flair? Could Coworking Be Office Space II

Have you heard about Coworking, or have I been held captive to the whims of my underfed and long-suffering family for too long?

Coworking is office space for us–free agents, freelancers, starter-uppers, and home entrepreneurs. You go to this shared space and, I don’t know, do all the things you used to do at your former nine-to-fiver. It’s actually a great idea.

But does it go far enough? I think coworking space should offer some of the distractions that make office work so darn interesting. These places won’t pass for a true rancho cube-o unless they have the following:

Office gossip-mate. This probably ruins more home businesses than the ridiculous income tax structure (don’t get me started). Who the heck can you gossip with? Oh, sure, if you’re lucky you may have some neighbors you can serve up a heapin’ dish of dirt with, but is there any sound more sweet than the hushed whisper that escapes from a cubicle like a slow leak.

The work floozy. I mean, who can you gossip about if you don’t have the office floozy around?

The blowhard-work little. He’s the guy you love to hate. I think the coworking space needs some loud idiot talking about his latest golf outing like he’s auditioning for Shakespeare in the Park or something.

The suckup. You know, the person who will do whatever it takes to get ahead, except, well, actually do some work.

If this coworking stuff takes hold, who knows, maybe I can open up a temp office supplying these office caricatures. God knows there’s a ready supply out there.



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