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Google Results That Can Kill Your Career

Manage your online reputation and don’t let Google results derail your future!

“Not so flattering” information about YOU can be found through Google results

If you’ve never heard of online reputation management that is not because you don’t need it, experts warn that 70% of HR departments and 50% of executive recruiters have rejected perfectly qualified candidates from a job search based on information they found online. Stats like that may have you scrabbling to see what’s being said about you online. What do you need to be on the lookout for in your Google search? Get yourself signed up for online reputation alerts and beware of these results that can send your career into a tailspin.

1. Bad press

Experts say that the number one way to get your career damaged is to have your online reputation alert pull up bad press. You don’t have to be in celebrity rehab or a sleazy political scandal to immediately feel the effects of this on your career. Every week you can find a news story about someone losing their job as a result of something they put on a social media site. Word to the wise, watch what you post.

2. Criminal Involvement

Nothing will tank your career opportunities quicker than a mugshot pulling up in your Google results.

Online reputation management experts warn that a mistaken arrest or even being involved with an investigation can seriously hinder your job opportunities. News about the situation can pop up in your Google results for years and be hard to remove. If this pops up on your online reputation alert start seeing what you can do to manage your reputation fast.

3. Bad Reviews

Reviews provide consumers and employers valuable information about your work ethic. Therefore, it only takes one bad review to completely ruin your results. What’s worse, the review doesn’t even have to be true to cause major trouble. Obviously, if bad reviews show up in your online reputation alert it is important to answer them in a professional manner, even if the reviews appear false. If the review is legitimate, correct the situation in whatever way possible. At best the customer may delete or amend the bad review to show the positive outcome. At worst you’ll be able to show you tried to answer the problem and make your client happy.

4. Bad Blog Posts/Breakup Backlash

While not exactly the same, these two tend to work closely together. Experts warn that the web is full of anonymous sites posts can pop up to ruin your image. Whether the information is true or not, one disgruntled person can dramatically impact your Google results. An employee you passed up for a promotion can cause your career to take a nosedive, but an angry ex posting private pictures or ranting about your relationship can ruin job and relationship prospects.

There are easy was to combat any of these problems. Check out our post on Emergency Online Reputation Management Solutions to see the best way to handle these types of problems appearing in your online reputation alert.

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