It’s Generation Boomers

From Joan Isabella, StartupNation Radio consultant I’m sitting here thinking of funny slang words and sayings baby boomers will remember. Boss really made me laugh. But if you remember dingbat, bad trip, radical, 4-F, and flower child, I’ll bet you are a baby boomer. Peace, Man! Today, boomers rule the roost and now that the whole baby-boom generation is headed for or past the half-century mark, the 50+ market is becoming the target for many companies. How do you reach the 50+ market? You will certainly get some tips on StartupNation Radio next week by listening to someone who has that and many other things figured out. His name is Jeff Taylor. He created His newest business is It’s a web portal for the over 50 crowd. It’s designed specifically with their needs, interests and desires in mind. I was curious what it might look like. I figure this guy really knows what he is doing, so I want to know what he’s doing too! What’s important to the over fifty crowd? Here are the navigation buttons on the homepage of fun, love, money, body, goals, obits, lifemap and cranky. I shuttered a bit at obits, but I read them in the New York Times every Sunday. And the older I get, the more often I scan the local listings for people I know. Cranky is a simplified search engine that gives fewer results in larger print, and also has a blog section that (my imagination tells me) features cantankerous opinions! Anyway, I have some questions for you. If you are starting a business and your market is people over 50, would you like to ask Jeff Taylor a question? Click on the link and you can. And if you are starting a business of your own, will it be something geared to the over 50 population? If you own or hope to start up a business for seniors, join this conversation in the StartupNation community. I’ve read several articles that say one of the hottest new business categories is products and services for seniors. Last, but not least: does anyone else remember “Chicken Man” on the radio? If not, that’s a bummer.

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