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Best-selling author Wendy Kenney owns the company 23 Kazoos, a marketing and publicity firm in Phoenix, Arizona, that has helped companies like Culver's Restaurants, The Arizona Farm Bureau and Tom Chambers Commercial increase their visibility through social media, publicity, and creative marketing strategies.Wendy honed her marketing skills while working for organizations such as MetLife, WebMd, and PacifiCare, as well as owning her own businesses for over 18 years.

As a Marketing Expert, Wendy speaks internationally to corporations and organizations about marketing strategy, branding, and low cost, no cost marketing.

Wendy lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband Mike, and three teenage sons. Her personal goal is to visit all of the Major League Ballparks in the US before she turns 49. So far she has been to 13.

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Home office expert Lisa Kanarek is the founder of WorkingNaked.com and the author of five books about working from home, including her new book Organize Your Home Office for Success. Lisa works with entrepreneurs and home-based employees through seminars and individual consultations, to create functional home offices that meet each individual’s working style.

With summer just around the corner, business can slow down as folks head to the cool country or go on vacation. However it doesn’t have to be a slow time of year for your business. Here are 7 hot marketing ideas that will keep your business humming all summer long!

1.  Host a food-eating contest!

Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs has been hosting their hotdog eating contest every summer since 1916.   This event has become so famous; it is carried on ESPN and watched by an estimated 1 million people worldwide!  Your business doesn’t have to be food-related to host this kind of contest.  Everyone loves food and it’s a great way to get free publicity and have some fun.

2.  Set a World Record!

Guinness Book of World Records lists thousands of records that you could attempt to break, or you could even set a new record.  You could set a “World’s Largest” record, such as the World’s Largest Ice Cream Sundae, or the World’s Largest Burrito.  Or you could set a record like the World’s Longest Game, Contest, Event or more.  The possibilities are endless.

3.  Have a birthday party!

Make your place the official birthday headquarters for a celebrity. Put together a huge birthday card or banner and invite people to come sign it.  Set up a video camera so that people can record their birthday wishes, then put the videos on You Tube.  Take lots of pictures and make sure you send the cards, banner, etc. to the celebrity.  You can find out celebrity birthdays on http://www.famousbirthdays.com/ and you can find out how to contact them at http://www.contactanycelebrity.com/.

4.  Celebrate a holiday!

There is lot of zany “holidays” in the summer. For example, the World’s Ugliest Dog contest is held annually in June, in Petaluma, California. July is “National Horseradish Month” and “National Ice-Cream Month;” anyone for horseradish flavored ice-cream?  Invite people to celebrate it with you.  Do some fun giveaways, or even have a contest.

5. Host a TweetUp!

A “tweetup” is a social gathering of people who are on Twitter and there are tweetups occurring all over the world.   You can host one at a local restaurant during happy hour, or even a local park; make it a barbecue!  You’ll get to meet new people and connect with those you have been following or are following you.   You can create or find a tweetup on Twtvite.com.

6. Sponsor a fund raiser!

The recession has hit all of us, but probably none have been hit harder than charities that help the needy. Revenues are down, but demand for services is up as families struggle to make ends meet.    Partner with your favorite charity to sponsor or even host a fund raising event.  It’s a great way to help others and to keep your business visible in the community.

7. Go on a date!

Schedule some quality time with your best customers, referral partners and vendors.  Go golfing, take them to a ballgame, or just go out to lunch or dinner.  Invest time in the important people in your business.  They will continue to invest in you.

Summer time doesn’t have to mean slow time for your business, implement some of these hot summer marketing ideas in and you will see immediate results.  What summer time marketing ideas tips do you have?  Have you done one of these?  Do you have other ideas?  Let us know here!  We love your comments!!

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