Approach Results with Abundance

Last week, I wrote about Lessening Holiday Stress, so it seems only fitting that this week I discuss the upcoming New Year.

The start of the New Year is always filled with bucket lists and LONG lists of resolutions.  If you think about these two lists, they are essentially polar opposites.  One is a list of long term goals, many of which are far reaching.  The other is a list of everything we want to deny ourselves from doing or enjoying.

Last year, I rejected the notion of resolutions (I did have a bucket list that will probably be my bucket list for the next few years).  Rather than constrict myself with numerous resolutions, I decided to make a list of behaviors, habits, and items that I wanted to partake of in ABUNDANCE.  I listed all the healthy and positive aspects of life that I would take part in abundantly.

When you think about resolutions and lists of things that we CANNOT do, what normally happens?  We uphold the resolution for a short while and then GO WILD when we decide not to maintain it anymore.  Just thinking about giving up Pizza, makes me want to call for delivery.  The same can be said about our businesses and resolutions we may create related to them for the New Year.

Resolutions are constricting, and almost beg for non-compliance.

Why not think about our plans for the upcoming year in ABUNDANCE?  What feels better than permission to partake of what we like most in EXCESS?

Here is what I propose:

  • Take a look at your business over the last year and identify the areas in which you were successful.  Evaluate Sales, Networking, Leads, Growth, Profits, and all the other Goodies that we like to evaluate at the end of the year.
  • After you have identified the areas in which you were successful, make a list of what you employed to achieve that success.  Did attending local networking groups achieve higher leads?  Did running particular ads generate particular sales?  Did the gift with sale increase sales and profit?
  • Now the easy part, when making your goals for 2012, employ these techniques in abundance!  Think about how you can translate some of these techniques to areas that you need better results.  Rather than make a resolution in which you state that “I am NOT going to do such and such in 2012,” make it a point to utilize your successful tactics in abundance.

It is Holiday Season, let’s give something to one another: What is one extremely successful tactic that you employed in 2011?

(AS for pizza, I am not giving it up…and to stay tuned with my bucket list, join me at

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