Careful if you’re seated next to a Sloan brother!

We were on a bunch of flights last week on our book tour, Everywhere we went, we asked people if they’ve got a good idea for a business.

Pretty much EVERYONE said, “yes.” But they also hemmed and hawed and gave all sorts of reasons why they either “won’t” start up, “would have, but…”, “can’t”, are “waiting for the right moment”, or some other self-imposed barrier.

Well, if you’ve got a similar excuse and you get seated next to us (like the innocent gal in the photo did), you’re CORNERED! Give us a 3-hour flight with you, and we’re going to get you in gear to START IT UP!

Based on the initial reviews and reaction to our book, we’re more PUMPED than ever to get the word out that the time is NOW!!!

We’re going to be capturing images like this photo while we’re on the road (using our Verizon Treos), and we’ll upload the images directly to our blog. Talk about efficiency!!!

Who knows?! maybe you’ll see yourself (holding our book) on the blog sometime soon!

-Sloan bros

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