Could starting a business running errands be the best home-based business idea?

In 1988, I was sent to the Republican Convention in Atlanta as a producer for CBS Radio. Aside from the politics, it was our job to create radio features that would give listeners a colorful feel for the events taking place. We interviewed the shoe shine guys in the basement of the convention center as one of the stories. We talked to them for awhile and one of them said he made $200-$300 a day. I didn’t make $200 a day, and I doubt the reporter I was working with did either, so we joked about getting into the shoe shine business as our goal in life. I had it all planned, we would travel to offices. We would wear professional yet attractive outfits. We would pick up dry cleaning and shoes for repair… I forget now, but I even thought of a great name for the home-based business.

Well, it’s still a good idea today, maybe even better! I read this press release about people who are starting businesses that are an outsource company for the mundane aspects of life, not business. They call themselves “angels of time.” Since 64% of Americans say the pressure of having enough time for work and family is getting worse, you could be a solution to their woes. Your business plan could be helping others achieve their life plan!

If you are really interested in starting a business, but you don’t think you have specific skills in one business area, then I have some good news. If you can walk the dog, pick up the laundry, and do the grocery shopping, you could be in business in no time flat. Without much money to start, you can become a personal assistant, a concierge, or a taxi driver for some busy professional’s tween children. It would be an easy home-based business to start part-time too. You would be able to earn extra income with just a couple of clients. You could also shine shoes if you want to add that to your list of services!

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