Espresso for the Home Business Soul

The great thing about being a home business entrepreneur, at least for me, is that that the corporate Kool-Aid stand has been officially closed down.
You all know what corporate Kool-Aid is, right?
It’s where management gets you all together to repeat things that they wish were true about your company… but really aren’t.
Sort of like, “We are a customer-centric organization.” (For really tasty corporate Kool-Aid, you gotta get adjective-y with it!)
“We are an environmentally-friendly, carbon-free company. (Mmmm. Fresh corporate Kool-Aid. If they talked about it yesterday on The View, it has to be in the mission statement–somewhere.)
I’m pretty sure they started serving corporate Kool-Aid in the gulags. I’m not sure, but I believe "proletariat" means "customer-centric." Or, it may have first been served on old galley ships. I can see the big guy beating the drums and yelling out, "We row to create an organization based on trust and team work!"
Anyway, it’s been good to get away from the Kool-Aid. But, there is a drawback.
Without the extra-sweet corporate Kool-Aid, the home bizzer is left with what I call Home Business Espresso, a teeny-tiny shot glass containing a bitter blend of honesty and desperation that really gets the juices flowing.
Yesterday, I had a cup—or two—of  Home Business Espresso.
I gathered the members of my organization—me and the family dog—around the computer and said, “I haven’t had any sales in two days! My web copy stinks! Time to get my arse in gear!”
For some reason that works a heck of a lot better than the old days of chanting slogans in the office break room.


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