Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored…

Stepped into a cafe in Silicon Valley on the patio of a large office building – it was one of those spots with the healthy salads on the menu and all the blue-jeaned techies taking a breather in the perfect sunshine. It's hard not to imagine, as you look at each face, what important, groundbreaking new project they're working on that will impact how we live and work in the years ahead…

As I was waiting for my food to be delivered across the counter, I noticed this "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" whiteboard with a daily quote on it:



I thought it was a perfect follow up to yesterday's blog, "Put the fish closer to the camera (The Power of Perception)" from yesterday. While the comments about the forced perspective of the fish may have emboldened you to position things in a positive light, you should also heed the fact that facts themselves are undeniable.

Maybe you've heard us admonish entrepreneurs who are buying into their own hype, and what a very dangerous game that is.

Whatever you do, don't ignore the facts that underlie your business, because that won't help change them or chase them away – you've got to be reality based in the assumptions you make about your business so you can plan and act smart on a path toward success. Today's takeaway: Pay Attention to the Facts

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